Graduate Diploma/MSc in Management for Sustainable Development (MSD)

With this online course you’ll cultivate your professional skills from a sustainable management perspective. You’ll develop your understanding of the theoretical, practical and legal aspects of modern environmental practices. During your study you will  examine the key management functions required in business, including strategic management, project management and risk assessment.

The course will teach you how to carry out research on a range of focused topics, involving data collection, critical analysis, interpretation and to present them in a report format. Management for Sustainable Development’s main philosophy is that for business to be sustainable in the long-term, a manager must effectively manage the whole of the business’ resources, including environmental, economic and social resources, from a sustainable, global perspective.

This course will be of particular relevance if you are  working or aspiring to work as an environmental/sustainable development manager in a business, industry or service, and is particularly suited to those who wish to develop and implement best practice and sustainable strategies.

(Master’s Degree - Level 9)