Graduate Diploma/MSc in Management of Information Systems Strategy (MISS)

The online course in Management of Information Systems Strategy will develop your confidence to manage in an environment where IS both drives and serves business, to align Information Strategy with the overall business strategy and to contribute to ongoing Information Strategy development. As you progress, your understanding of the role of IS/IT plays in an organisation’s innovation, management and administration will grow. You will  also gain a critical awareness of current problems and new insights associated with the management of IS in high-technology manufacturing or services environments. Finally, you will  develop the range of investigative and analytic skills required to equip you to assume managerial or senior roles within your organisation    .

The course will be of particular relevance if you are  a manager or aspiring manager in information systems and technologies in the public or private sectors, or if you’re self-employed in the field.

(Master’s Degree - Level 9)