DCU has a number of strategic partners. These partnerships provide a key point of difference to DCU Connected as they help to extend the range of study options. We expect to expand the number of these partnerships over the next year or so, although at DCU we are very particular about who we choose to partner with as we will not compromise on our reputation for academic excellence.  

Point of Difference

A distinguishing feature of DCU Connected is our commitment to working with other agencies, institutions and organisations around the globe to jointly develop world-class educational solutions for local problems. In this respect, there is a deeper purpose underpinning DCU Connected as our investment in online education aligns with our mission of transforming lives and societies. At DCU promoting access to higher education, wherever you are, and developing human capital is part of who we are and what we do.

We understand the role we can play through DCU Connected in helping to build the capacity and capability of other institutions, countries and regions in designing their own high quality online and blended programmes in areas of need that make a real difference. Although we are proud of the unique Irish perspective infused throughout many of our programmes, we are committed to working with strategic partners to tailor courses and qualifications to address local requirements.

More specifically, we can offer our considerable experience in the National Institute for Digital Learning to assist other institutions and organisations in realising the potential of new transformative models of teaching and learning in their own contexts. The case studies below provide brief examples of how DCU is making an impact in a number of countries and regions on a wider international stage.

We also welcome opportunities to work with other agencies, institutions and organisations from around the world to customise the design and delivery of our degree programmes and short course offerings (either fully or partially online) to support the needs of particular groups from specific work settings and/or geographical locations. 

Connected Partners
Case Studies

Arizona State University
A unique blended learning approach to explore the science, technology and of diagnostics
Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University
In Partnership with DCU Business School
Malawi Nursing Studies
Making a real difference through partnership

Become a Partner

We welcome approaches from prospective partners where DCU may be able to share its expertise and play a valuable role in helping to transform lives and societies.