Arizona State University

DCU has a significant partnership with Arizona State University (ASU). Notably, ASU is the largest university in the United States (US) with around 80,000 students. They also recently announced a strategic partnership with Starbucks where thousands of employees in the US can qualify for subsidised study through ASU online.
An interview with Emma O'Brien

Education, Outreach and Entrepreneurship Manager

Objectives & Impact

DCU and ASU have been collaborating since 2006, developing international cooperation in education, research and economic development, based on their shared values of innovation and entrepreneurship, technology-enhanced learning, and research and discovery.

In 2013, the Transatlantic Higher Education Partnership was signed by the respective Presidents which builds on this existing history and promises to provide students with unique education and research experiences while also growing the economies and positively impacting the communities in Arizona and Ireland.


A productive partnership

An International MSc (Biomedical Diagnostics)

In 2014, DCU and ASU joined forces to develop an International M.Sc. in Biomedical Diagnostics. This programme builds upon DCU’s award winning M.Sc. in Biomedical Diagnostics which is developed and co-ordinated by the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute.  The programme adopts a unique blended learning approach utilising online and face-to-face elements to explore the science, technology, business and applications of diagnostics.

Through the support of DCU Connected, and the integration of new and emerging technologies, students at both institutions are globally connected sharing advanced courses in Diagnostics, Immunology and Bioinformatics. This is a truly unique programme which positions its graduates on the cutting-edge of the innovative biomedical diagnostics field. Importantly this is a field that offers tremendous potential in helping to transform lives and societies. For further information visit:

Professor Mark Brown, Director of the National Institute for Digital Learning, reports that we anticipate developing further joint programme initiatives with ASU in the future.