David deArmey
MSc in Management for Sustainable Development
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What if you could work towards a world-class  Irish University degree on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home, in your own town, in any place in the world? Online learning with DCU Connected gives you remote access to all the resources of an established university: an innovative curriculum, renowned teachers and lively exchange with your fellow learners.

This is not online learning as you’ve imagined it—with Connected, you’ll be an integrated and invaluable part of the university community. Distance learning has never felt so close.

Connected to fellow learners

Fiona Duddy
BSc in Management of Information Technology & Information Systems
Sarah O'Halloran
BA in Humanities

Connected to our people

Dr Derek Molloy
Senior Lecturer, DCU School of Electronic Engineering

to a simple system

Our online learning platform is Loop. It’s where you’ll watch lectures and  participate in your course—where you’ll connect from anywhere in the world to  course materials, teachers and fellow learners.

And if you’re worried that it’ll be too technical, rest assured that it’s as straightforward  as buying something online.